London Drawings: Self-portrait, after Giacometti

Giacommeti Inspired Self Portrait Triple self copy

London Drawings: Tate Britain Talk by Rut Blees Luxemburg, chaired by Paul Halliday

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Oitij-jo at the Alchemy Festival 2014, Southbank Centre

I had the immense pleasure of working with the Oitij-jo team to deliver this installation. It is on until 26th May, and I would recommend all to see this!

My bias of course, is that we now understand the energy and dedication required to weave, to build, to conceptualise and then to realise the importance of craft and culture and its imprint on the body, mind and soul, means we can contribute towards something of value to the public.

I would like to thank the companies and individuals ( Prabartana, Motif, Ajiyer, Jatra, Shama Kun, Wormey, Sraboni, Paraa) that have contributed to the installation and a special thanks to Jackie and Janae, Shama, Abbas, Salam, Wormey, John, Maher and the relentless effort from Dhaka from Shamim and the Paraa team.

Some pictures from the installation: Hope you can make it!

Work in progress: Images from the LEEDO shelter

Some images from the LEEDO Transition Shelter design – and the work is ongoing – expected opening to be end of May, with a launch in June 2014.

The team is working closely on both the design of the shelter, as well as the wider issues relating to the spatial awareness and adaptations by the children that live on the Sadarghat terminal. We are conducting participatory mapping exercises over a period of time to further understand and investigate the issues around Sadarghat – more images and updates to come.

We will publish a document presenting our process and analysis and findings with some thoughts for going forward.

Thanks to Muslim Charity UK and LEEDO for allowing us the space to conduct this research and for providing us the time and energy to develop the design for the shelter.

Street Children Mapping, Pilot test..

Today we had a chance to do some overview mapping with children at the new LEEDO Transition Shelter, which is supported by Muslim Charity UK. LEEDO led a rally of 50+ children from their ‘School under the Sky’ site on the Sadarghat terminal 1, to their new shelter which is being constructed.  We then worked with 15 children, after they were given some food, on the mapping exercise. Although I don’t have pictures, we ended with a quick treat of fresh coconuts for some of the children that stayed till the very end!

Paraa has been assigned to design the façade and interior layout for the Transition shelter. This shelter will house up to 25 girls at any time for a length of 3 months.  The aim is to provide care and support in that time to enable them to leave the street completely. We are excited to see it come close to completion.  We will publish a short design report on the project once we get to completion. Currently we are finalising material selection and testing some ideas, as well as ensuring that the space becomes a vibrant and energy filled space for children to live, work and play.

Our workshop today was aimed at understanding further the issues children living in the area faced, and we wanted to test a method of mapping.  So we drew a giant map of the area onto the floor, asking the children where they live, play and work.  The findings will be analysed in the office and will hopefully provide the scope to develop a research proposal that will be relevant to addressing the issues of the children living in the Sadarghat area.

At the same time, we are training some children to learn to use small digital flip cameras, so that in a few weeks time, they are able to present a film to the world about their lives, from their perspective – without intervention from an outsider.  This will be a big challenge and hope that the process we are engaging with, comes up trumps.

Some images below. Most taken by the children themselves.

Images from EMK Center Exhibition, workshop & training on site: Unlimited Dreams in a Limited Space

Jaflong field visit

We MIGHT be doing a small project in the north east of Bangladesh – on the border with India, a small stone quarry called Jaflong.