Dhaka Drawings: Self-portrait


Dhaka Drawings : Young Boys 174- 190


Dhaka Drawings: Young boy 167-173


Dhaka Drawings: Young boy 139-141


Dhaka Drawings: Young Man 1-4 ( experiments in Chinese Ink)


Dhaka Drawings: Self Portrait experiments

On a side note: the concept of letting go.

To let go. To what? To life, maybe.  The struggle I took upon myself was to control my ego, to not let it control my soul.  The suffering to overcome was one of the desire to cling to an idea, object or a person – to let Truth or Love dictate the path, however challenging it may seem to be. It perhaps is the ultimate challenge.

The cycle of the creative process starts and ends is crude, yet relatively true. Yes, the environment and experiences continually change and shape our thoughts – it requires the ability to be willing to experience and accept these changes of thoughts too. It also, happens that the artist in me is able to express a moment or idea in time and space. The constant remaining idea is one of change. So, the experiment here was to draw. and then destroy. and all that remains is a photo-image, and an idea.  The challenge being to fight the ego, to not preserve this as The Truth, but simply one idea of it.  It re-ignites my passion to fully immerse in life.  My perception of myself changes with my continual introspection, my ability to draw and make art changes too, as I gain experiences and push the boundaries that exist within my life. However difficult it may seem to let go, it is still possible.  Trust and letting go to Love is all that I can do. And, I realise that is enough, despite the Ego wanting so much more.


Dhaka Drawings: Young Boys 124-126