London Drawings: Digital portrait experiment 3

self Portrait Layers REd Low Res.jpg

London Drawings: Digital experiments 1-2

Lines of Portraits Black
Layers of drawings from over the past year. Simple – curious about focusing on the eyes as inspiration – after Giacometti.  ( seems I am still inspired by my visit to the Giacometti show at the Tate Modern ) LAYERS without lines of Portraits Solid White

This includes portraits of myself and portraits from the Kamalapur Railway community I have been drawing ( there are 15 portraits overlayed here. ) I am curious to overlay the entire sketchbook digitally and see how it looks ( there about 100 ink drawings in the book ) watch this space (!)

Digitally rendered Drawings: Layers of their Wedding

Experiments in a very simple digital layering in photoshop of all 19 sketches of the wedding in Colombo, Sri Lanka of my friends Tillek and Yasika.

Final Sample

Admiring the beauty whilst in traffic

Admiring the beauty whilst in traffic

Sometimes, you have to take in the everyday beauty of the city. The colours of the rickshaws, the layers of grills in the taxi.