Dhaka Drawings: Self-portrait


Dhaka Drawings: Self Portrait



Dhaka Drawings: Full figure self portrait


Dhaka Drawings : Young boy 110


Day 35: Dhaka Drawings


As the country (Bangladesh) retracts back to its normal busy self, a two day hartal seemingly goes by without much damage. I escaped into a coffee shop and read for a little while (The Science and Practice of Drawing) as part of my continual learning process. It seems it has become  a challenge for me to do even this.  What am I interested in, with all this drawing? I questioned myself today again.

How do I draw injustice and do justice to the Art produced? How do I show the struggle of everyday life, the inefficiency of the urban landscape, the toil and sweat that invisible souls produce to keep this city beating? How do I portray the beauty and the magnificent human beings that do this work? How do I express my admiration and love for the people that quietly get on with their struggle.  How can I, or we, show these hard working souls that there is someone out there that acknowledges their struggle?

The purpose of Art continues to bring forward thoughts that I am uncomfortable with, it disturbs me to no end, and I am learning to look.  I am enjoying the process of developing the technique and reading about those things that are personal to me. And when I am being introspective, looking at the space that I inhabit, versus the space that others inhabit, there seems to be very different thoughts that emerge.

I fly back to London on Friday morning, and the fear I have is that I will stop drawing when I get there, I don’t have that many subjects. What is it that inspired me to draw whilst being in Dhaka, and that does not excite me about London so much?

I think Dhaka disturbs me, the daily practice of majority of its dwellers, the daily struggle pains me, I can do little about it, it puts me in despair and I hope, through drawing these people, I portray how beautiful they are.  As we continue our work with Paraa in developing our projects, it dawns on me the tasks that we have set ourselves are not small.  We push, because we owe it to ourselves to become the best of who we can be through our art. It will take time.
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Day 14: Dhaka Drawings

This morning was my first exposure to the sea of women that make their way to work in the morning. I was not there long enough to really make sense of the pace and energy of the human traffic. So, although not too happy with this attempt, there is scope to develop this further, tomorrow morning. 

In the afternoon, I got the chance to draw in the Airport Train station, great to attempt to draw in the people and the trains.. and a final drawing in Kamlapur station, along with some more rickshaw ride drawings.. A few here from today, hope you enjoy them. My personal favourite is the train in the Airport train station (5th drawing below) 

IMG_0542 IMG_0543IMG_0695IMG_0696IMG_0698IMG_0699IMG_0701IMG_0703IMG_0704