Invitation: Closing Event, Portraits of Kamalapur

I will reflect on the exhibition next week. Its been intense. For now, some images and a final invite to the closing event this Thursday.

Portraits of Kamalapur Exhibition Invitation

Here are some images from the opening night. Councillor Ayesha Choudhury of Beckton came along with friends and members of the public. The photos were taken by Enamul Hoque 140717_51140717_101140717_47
Councillor Ayesha Choudhury opening up the exhibition. 140717_79140717_19IMG_0038A panorama of the wall.

Dhaka Drawings: Young boy 191


Dhaka Drawings : Young Boys 174- 190


Dhaka Drawings: Self Portrait


Upcoming London exhibition: Private View Invitation 13th July 2017

Portraits of Kamalapur Exhibition Invite

Dhaka Drawings: Self Portrait



Dhaka Drawings: Young man 5-10 (chinese ink on A1 newspaper inc. bleeds, Acrylic in A2 paper)

fullsizeoutput_1abbA2 Acrylic, chinese ink, conte crayonfullsizeoutput_1abd
Main image

Bleed 1fullsizeoutput_1ac3
Bleed 2fullsizeoutput_1ac9
Main imagefullsizeoutput_1ac2
Bleed 1