Invitation: Closing Event, Portraits of Kamalapur

I will reflect on the exhibition next week. Its been intense. For now, some images and a final invite to the closing event this Thursday.

Portraits of Kamalapur Exhibition Invitation

Here are some images from the opening night. Councillor Ayesha Choudhury of Beckton came along with friends and members of the public. The photos were taken by Enamul Hoque 140717_51140717_101140717_47
Councillor Ayesha Choudhury opening up the exhibition. 140717_79140717_19IMG_0038A panorama of the wall.

London Drawings : Friends at the Barbican


Dhaka Drawings: Young boy 38 + 39

IMG_4563 IMG_4561

Dhaka Drawings : Young boy 37


Dhaka Drawings: Young Boy 29, 30, 31 and 32

IMG_4117 IMG_4113 IMG_4111 IMG_4123

Dhaka Drawings: Self portrait in Charcoal 2

I had every intention to get to the railway station today – and perhaps I will after a little while.. At the same time, I was recovering from a nightmare this morning – one that involved having my jaw ripped open, hanging. Hard to decipher still – but the first time I remember having such a dream.

And yet, as I was working on this drawing.. and looking at it now, I was trying to capture something that is perhaps still not clear in my thoughts and I find it difficult to put into words.

Feelings ( a word I seldom reflect upon – despite my intense introspection ) into drawings / Art is a way of becoming.  A medium of personal and emotional communication between myself and my soul. Its a question to be asked – how does one give in to the souls wants and desires, rather than succumbing to feed the selfish ego? I don’t know the answer.