London Drawings: Digital experiments 1-2

Lines of Portraits Black
Layers of drawings from over the past year. Simple – curious about focusing on the eyes as inspiration – after Giacometti.  ( seems I am still inspired by my visit to the Giacometti show at the Tate Modern ) LAYERS without lines of Portraits Solid White

This includes portraits of myself and portraits from the Kamalapur Railway community I have been drawing ( there are 15 portraits overlayed here. ) I am curious to overlay the entire sketchbook digitally and see how it looks ( there about 100 ink drawings in the book ) watch this space (!)

Dhaka Drawings : Young Boys 174- 190


Dhaka Drawings: Young man 5-10 (chinese ink on A1 newspaper inc. bleeds, Acrylic in A2 paper)

fullsizeoutput_1abbA2 Acrylic, chinese ink, conte crayonfullsizeoutput_1abd
Main image

Bleed 1fullsizeoutput_1ac3
Bleed 2fullsizeoutput_1ac9
Main imagefullsizeoutput_1ac2
Bleed 1