Self Portrait Ruhul Abdin

Artist and architectural designer, thinker and doer, urbanist, optimist, writer, urban research planner. I am intensely curious about the world around me, the people I interact with, and draw with the same amount of passion that I had from when I first picked up the pencil decades ago.

Intellectually, and as part of my work, I am interested in the role of architecture and planning and its influence in the vulnerable and marginalised communities, focusing on Bangladesh and its urban communities.  I am part of a studio based in Bangladesh – Paraa, our design practice revolves around the idea of pushing the boundaries of participation and collaboration. : www.paraa.org.uk

My Art focuses on engaging with what is around me through various media. Portraiture p is something that pushes the boundaries of my engagement with the intimate nature of who we are in the world. I am curious always about drawing people by asking them to look me in the eyes.

Current: Co-founder and Director, Research and project co-ordinator, Team-player, writer, ideas developer of Paraa. Director and co-curator at Oitij-jo

Art – All work is done from life at the moment – especially the portrait drawings and city-scapes, landscapes and still-life – they have presented on this blog and in various exhibitions in London, UK and Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Prices are available upon request.