Artist and architectural thinker and doer, urbanist, optimist, writer, photographer, planner. I am intensely curious about the world around me, the people I interact with, and draw with the same amount of passion that I had from when I first picked up the pencil decades ago..

Intellectually, and as part of my work, I am interested in the role of architecture and planning and its influence in the developing world, focusing on Bangladesh.  Our design practice revolves around the idea of pushing the boundaries of participation and collaboration. : www.paraa.org.uk

My Art focuses on engaging with what is around me through various art media. Drawing portraits is something that pushes the boundaries of my engagement with the intimate nature of who we are in the world.

Current: Co-founder and Director, Research and project co-ordinator, Team-player, writer, ideas developer

Drawing – All work is done from life at the moment – especially the portraits and city-scapes, landscapes and nature – presented onto this blog.

Some projects:
Oitij-jo (www.oitijjo.org) /
Resource centre for Urdu-speaking camp-dwelling community in Dhaka /
Community-based Craft Centre, Tangail (www.tangailbuti.tumblr.com) /
Urban Agriculture in Dhaka/
Transition Shelter for Children in Sadarghat, Dhaka (LEEDO)/
Pavement Dweller Resource Centre (4 renovations and 1 new build)/
Research on-going for street children project.

Architecture BA(hons) (Kingston, UK)
MSc Urban Development Planning (UCL, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, London)

Timeline / blog updates….Currents:

August 2015
London for July & August 2015, focusing on writing and developing drawing techniques. Conversations about new projects.

August 2014
Back in Dhaka for 1 month (until end Sept) – picking up the pace of work and focusing on doing a drawing a day atleast and posting. The past few months included a lot of drawing and participation in the protests for Gaza (drawings can be seen on the rolling blog) and have energised me to get involved with drawing with a focus on both its pleasure and its purpose.

May 2014
Returned from Dhaka (April 3-May 9) and currently setting up installation for the Alchemy festival at the Southbank Centre, London. Back to Dhaka late June – more updates to come soon (blog has many)

November 2013
Projects on the go! exciting.. more to follow in the next few weeks.

August 2013

In Dhaka, Bangladesh focusing on: Paraa projects, re-learning Bangla. Exploring policy processes and conversations, interviews and meetings with various practitioners, academics, instigators etc.

July 2013
So, finished the MSc at UCL, did this awesome project: http://www.oitijjo.org, went to Bangladesh, came back and participated in the Alchemy festival at the Southbank Centre, in the process of setting up Paraa, Oitij-jo, and some other interesting things… Currently preparing to be in Bangladesh from July – Feb 2014.  Projects are being developed and are being launched.  Various activities in the pipeline including: Sept 24th Fundraiser for Rana Plaza victims, 2nd Oct- 4th November – Exhibition at the Richmix for the Urdu-speaking camp-dwelling project.  Some fun things too.  Maybe I will draw more.

October 2011
Its been a mad few months- with massive changes.  I have enrolled at University College of London (UCL) to study Urban Development Planning at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit.  Which is an amazing environment to put forward and test ideas.
Paraa’s next event All Silk Yards of the Benarasi, is taking place on November 24 at Christ Church, Spitalfields.  The team is working away on this to make it a success.  Balancing studies with Paraa activities is interesting and tough but a challenge I am enjoying!

July 2011

Preparation for phase 2 of Paraa – investors dinner in September + fashion show in late October.
(Recruitment of interns and creation of a small team to assist in putting together these events)  

Liaising with Nazmus in Bangladesh for Project 1 – Library for the Urdu-speaking community in Dhaka
We have a space we can work with, just looking at the legal issues in relation to this space.

Nazmus is an architect from Bangladesh.  He and I are working towards the establishment of Paraa.
Applications for Part 2 Architecture will be high on the agenda while all this going on.
For now, Greenwich looks good – local, strong ideas are beginning to be put forward + suits my style of thinking/doing.

June 2011 

In London, preparing for the launch of Paraa, curating the exhibition and getting the nitty gritty of social business sorted.

Paraa’s website will be coming soon.

Domain is www.paraa.org.uk but it is still in development.

April 2011
In Darlington, writing, putting together works necessary for exhibition and launch of the organisation, PARA.

Feb-March 2011
Travel in Bangladesh with Sunara Begum, Tunde Jegede, Anirudho Andalib and others.
Sponsored by Openvizor, and assisted by many others.

December 2010 – January 2011

Back in East London (E3) working with Citywood Services (check out their website www.citywoodservices.com) and preparing for Bangladesh – Part 2 with an amazing artist and musician.

August 2010-November 2010
Painting commissioned for new restaurant in Middlesborough, preparation for exhibition, opportunity to reflect on travel

August 2009-July 2010
Dhaka city, Bangladesh.

Geneva Camp – ongoing project with AYGUSC
Environmates Studio (Gandhi Ashram Masterplan)
Project architect for a retail shop, Sreemongol

This Blog was set up to help others follow my travels, in which I will be exploring Bangladesh and its many different architectural wonders. Let us hope.

I have explored many different parts of Dhaka City, Khulna, Sylhet and had a chance to escape to India.

I have been recording my thoughts, taking plenty of pictures of my time here.  I will upload some of these at some point, most of them are on my facebook account.  and I will link the two as soon as I figure out how.

writing is a very useful tool for me.  I am in the process of putting together a book on this experience

Kingston University – Architecture (Part 1)
To sum up: An experience which really gave me an opportunity to question what it is I wanted from architecture.  I know exactly where I want to go with architecture, and Kingston helped me formulate those ideas and thoughts.

Sixth Form College, Darlington (A Levels)