The coming UK Elections: #VoteLabour

Watching from Bangladesh: My take on this is quite simple, #VoteLabour.  I imagine many of my friends, colleagues or even beyond will disagree with my reasoning.  They may want to vote more tactically – towards the Greens or the Lib Dems… because they are disillusioned apparently by the lack of Corbyn’s leadership qualities..

Yes, Corbyn may seem a little off-hand and not perhaps the greatest ‘exemplar’ of leadership as required in the traditional sense.  Nothing in this current state of global politics is quite traditional in any sense. With the upheavals of tensions and complex geopolitics – what gets left behind is everybody that has no time to get involved in all of that.

Yes, the right-wing media will enjoy ripping him to shreds and they are going to throw everything including the bath tub with the bath water to make sure it goes their way.  Beyond that – if its possible, we must look at what is actually going on – is that possible at the fractured masses? Probably not.. We can dare to dream though.   The leak of the Labour draft manifesto shows that – the Labour party are talking sense. Good sense. Maybe even great sense.. and in tandem.  Simply, investment in education, health and national infrastructure is crucial, and a fairer distribution system is important. The Tories and the Lib Dems are just not going to do anything as radical as this current Labour party – and this IS with the leadership of Corbyn.

Yes, the majority of the public are wanting a ‘stable’ strong’ leader. As the Tories rip apart the country and make it into something for the very few privileged individuals..  I argue that Corbyn IS a strong and able leader – he has continually stood his ground and not buckled under pressure or quit despite the madness of the leadership challenges.  My hope is, that his communication and language addresses the masses and just not the tiny fan base that believe he can do no wrong – I still don’t think he is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly enough. Practice. Practice. Practice some more.. Because this is probably, by chance, or luck, but he has managed it – a once in a lifetime opportunity to change again the direction of politics in the UK.  My other hope, is that his team just STOP focusing on the media as being negative and attacking them + play to their tunes ( even if they are ) and simply bombard the media with their presence. The tactics are there. They just need to be overwhelmingly visible and obvious. Being present – in whatever media – is crucial now + being concise is key. The rest, will be on the public and the 8th June..


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