Dhaka thoughts: Video blog 1: On Shame

This is my first personal video blog, and hoping this method might be more useful in the future as I think about how to improve it.  My eyes dart around a bit, as I tried to work to a loose script ( I kept going off topic, when I tried to freestyle, ending with long meanders about nothing! ) VERY different media to writing, for sure, or drawing.

5 Comments on “Dhaka thoughts: Video blog 1: On Shame”

  1. johnhyde52 says:

    Excellent self-analysis Ruhul

  2. Joe McLean says:

    Yes it is brave and courageous of you to follow your own passions, beliefs and your heart. Not everyone is able to be so courageous.
    Thank you for sharing parts of your journey
    to personal freedom, sharing your story will help others. Thank you.

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