Dhaka Drawings: Mayoral candidates at the National Museum


I attended an event, held by Aparajeyo-Bangladesh, who invited Mayoral candidates for Dhaka, to present their ideas on urban children. Suffice to say, although Aparajeyo’s vision for this event was clear, what was unclear was, as to why it was staged so late in the build up, and why there was not more of a critical faculty to this event. Over 500 people were present to listen to mostly poor ideas and their spiel for why they should be voted for – forgetting why they were invited in the first place – to discuss what steps they would take to make Dhaka a child-friendly city, adopting ideas from the Barisal city model.

It made me think though, about the importance of these platforms, to be able to provoke and critique politicians.  When we hold our event on June 1st to launch the children’s film, perhaps we can orchestrate a dialogue between the Mayor and children in a more intimate setting to explore ideas of urbanisation and the right to the city from a childs perspective, especially those children, often living on the streets,  who are vulnerable and fragile in a fast-paced, ruthless mega-city.

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