Dhaka Drawings: Young boy 1

I finally got out to draw today.  I have a series of drawings to pursue – young boys that live or dwell on the streets of Dhaka. Problems are multitude, solutions often sparse and disjointed. But the focus for me with these larger drawings (A2) – to spend time with the sitter, and to not say much. Often, just being with someone is a powerful thing. As curious as I maybe, my researcher hat is going to be put to one side.

It took a while to settle my own nerves. It throws up once again for me the purpose behind Art.  I had an exchange with my old art teacher from school recently and brought back some thoughts about art that I had buried deep into the unconscious. Art is life. It constitutes a reason for being alive. But, when you are faced against ideas that are completely oppose to that – the struggle to survive, to eat, to have a shelter over your head, to stay safe and healthy. What is the role of Art? I have been advised to not think about it, to just do. But is it that easy? To just be? To not think about the injustice that clearly oscillates in the world around me? and What does one do?


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