London Drawings: Music and lines. St Mary at Hill, City of London

As I listened and enjoyed the tranquility, and sublimity of the music in the church, it echoed within me some thoughts…  I wrote them later in the day.  Perhaps it sums up better my frustrations about Art currently.  I continue to explore technique and develop as an artist. A long way to go it seems.. But I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

Drawings Lines. 

Why is the world filled with so much pain, suffering and injustice and at the same there seems to be an abundance of beauty in Love, in Nature, in the human being, in the works of Art, Architecture, Literature, Poetry and Music produced by great masters?

Where do I draw the line?

How do I float so willingly between these worlds? These experiences? And not go mad in the process? Maybe I already am. How do I not become a slave to Truth, or to my Art? Why do I fight against this time and again? What makes me afraid to pursue it fully?

Where do I draw the line?

What is the purpose of my Art? I keep saying to connect to my Truth, to bring light and joy to myself and others that know me, to help others find theirs, it speaks to me at times. And other times, I have to listen to intently, in the silence of the lines that have been created.  In their distortions and imitations of emotions that have evoked within me.

To live truly, for me then, is to be immersed in Art, in its Truth, in its practice and conduct of experiencing the everyday. To accept beauty in the mundane, but to acknowledge the power of the sublime in moments.

So, I continue to draw lines. As they shift and change I continue to grow and be more curious about the world that I inhabit.

So, what is the purpose of my lines? To allow my Truth to emerge because words, sometimes are not enough.


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