On Music. Wagner.

I know I can connect with great music candidly, although I still do not really understanding its technicalities, but I know when it moves me, or stirs in me something quite remarkable, that is probably the power of this Art in its most excellent form – to stir the sleeping giant within to react.

Is it the human being in me that is provoked? Why is it then, that all others are not so moved by such art? When I listened to Bachs’ Art of Fugue, it left me in a similar state.
I wonder, how many people will have dared to jump from drawing in Dhaka, especially vulnerable women and children who live on the streets to the seats of the Coliseum in London to listen to Wagner.

I want to say it is ALL enriching for the soul, it is quite remarkable to say that my life experiences are so diverse and deeply steeped in such extreme practices.

It constantly leaves me to question – what, then, makes great art? How is it that such Art moves us? and how does it shape our thinking? This gut-wrenching exposure to such extremes of fragile beauty – observing young N. as she fidgets and waits for me to add colour to her portrait, we sit on the floor outside on a make shift mat, with oil pastels – I contemplate on the her beauty and at the same time our societies inability to protect the innocent children of the world. To then go to the astounding, uplifting experience of Wagners music in the Coliseum in London – letting go, and taking stock of its impact as it slowly goes through my system.
One Art is clearly for a very particular group of people in the world who can afford such luxury – to listen to music undisturbed is genuinely a luxury – a society which I am also a part of. The other, my attempt at understanding myself, my explorations of life through Art, questioning its meaning and purpose.

Both leave me equally disturbed.

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