Dhaka Drawings pt 2: Day 30

**(I will continue titling these posts from Dhaka from Day 30, as I took a block out and there is a mix up, but it has been about a month since being here)
A moment to reflect.  It has been over a month already. The year also ends in a month.

I bought some new glasses. We have had friends in Dhaka working with us. I have made some new friends in the city. Lost some old ones. Drawing more or as much is possible. Excited about the months ahead. Cautious about being hurt. Recovering from a stomach bug.

So, all in all, quite a positive reflection. It continues to fall and organise itself in a way that makes me appreciate the amazing team we have developed. I was conversing with a friend last night about the progress we are making, it’s not small. Long way to go. Projects continue to inspire me and we continue to do good work.

I read Schopenhauer – it gives me a lot more thoughts. The imposing of wills and ideas and realising how mad I have been at times. Letting go isn’t so bad, just wish I had understood or read him earlier….

The film that the children from the LEEDO:SETU shelter made me cry. It was touching, striking a few emotional cords. It makes me question why it is I have chosen this path of work and practice, this way of thinking and doing that challenges me in a way I don’t expect. I will post something more relevant to the children’s project end of the week when we come to a conclusion thus far.

Currently listening to Daniel-Ben Pienaar’s rendition of Bach’s Partitia no.5. It make me smile.  Next on the reading list: Weizman: Hollow Lands and Berlin by Antony Beevor.  Got a third of the way through Cinammon Gardens by Selvadurai.

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