Dhaka Drawings pt 2: Week 3


It is quite difficult to put to words still the work we did last week with the street children – it was extremely intense and involved spreading teams across 3 sites in Dhaka, exploring power structures, scope for architectural interventions and films made by children, assisted by Rainbow Collective in the sites. Having Abbas Nokasteh of Openvizor and Paraa, and John Baker, long term member of Paraa and mentor, along for the ride has also been a wonderful experience for us. It shows progress Paraa is making and more importantly, how having shared values strengthens these micro projects which require from us much thought and deliberation. Positioning ourselves accordingly so that we can be most effective. We spent a lot of time at the LEEDO:SETU Shelter and will be back again on Tuesday with Rainbow Collective for them to present the final film in hard copies. We have some great work being developed and are hopeful it can be effective + will add some more information about that with a full report to be published this month. I will share the link accordingly once we finish the report.  It is always tough to make sense of reality especially when you are not able to escape it and Dhaka provides little space for escape. We had the chance, then to go to Tangail. I slept the entire time there. There are stories to the portraits. I will add them in the next few days if I have some time, or maybe John could write something in relation to the images of Borna and the girl in the CNG which I can share in a future post I am sure. There are many stories worth telling of course, but sometimes for me, the drawing is enough. Scan 22 Scan 23Scan 24 Scan 25 Scan 26 Scan 27 Scan 28 Scan 29 Scan 30

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