Excerpt from an interview: Carol Heft

I enjoyed reading this interview of Carol Heft on her blog.. and thought to share the final two paragraphs. It resonates with what i am thinking at the moment, with the way we are developing Paraa to become an open, collaborative and multi-discipline environment.

Addison:  What is it about the inherent rivalry among individual artists and the private nature of the work that makes the art community so weak and divided?

Carol:  What an interesting question!  My husband (Bill Warfield) is a musician.  Sometimes I’m struck by the contrast between the collaborative nature of performing music and the isolation of painting.  Not that musicians aren’t competitive!  But composers need musicians, arrangers need composers, and musicians need each other to make the music come alive. They love each other while they’re playing.  You can tell.  The music washes away all the pettiness; at least for the moment it is being performed.  It’s what makes their hearts beat, if it’s real.  I can only speak for myself.  I know I’m very ambivalent about the “art community”.  I need other artists and want them to flourish just as I want that for myself, but sometimes I get jealous.  I start to think there’s not enough to go around.  Not enough money, approval, gallery space, attention.  That happens when I’m not focused on my own work.  I guess that’s human nature.  I joined a co-op gallery in New York so I could be part of a community and not have to deal with the constraints of commercialism.  It makes me feel good to do service that way, and I get to interact with artist I probably wouldn’t get to know if I was out there on my own.

Addison: What keeps you going?

Carol: The work itself.  Nothing can compare with the sense of discovery when a painting starts to come together, when you do something and don’t exactly understand it but it’s clearly a breakthrough and you’ve reached another level.  Sometimes I see it in a colleague’s work, and I love that too.  Almost everything I do is so I can have a few of those moments in my life.  The promise of those moments keeps me going.  Painting is it’s own reward.

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