Day 31: Dhaka Drawings

This is a self portrait from the flat I am staying in Niketon, Gulshan 1.  The heat has been unbearable the last few days, and I broke my glasses this morning. As I was shopping around the city, the energy to draw in the streets became less and less. Tomorrow I have some ideas for drawings, today, I have been very reflective, this drawing is perhaps a sign of confidence in becoming who I am, bouncing back slowly.  It also makes me think about how my body inhabits the world around it, in this small room, a table and a shelf stack occupy the space, along with a mattress on the floor for a bed ( Where I sat for the drawing) a ceiling fan whirs the whole time I am in the room.  Niketon Housing estate does not have any paving for walking on, it does however, have enough car parking space and lakeside views for some apartments. Dust, pollution and traffic already trouble the small housing estate.


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