Day 24 + 25: Rangamati Drawings

A gruelling bus journey back from Rangamati, but we were able to get a real sense of what the city is struggling with –  its political history, its identity and most importantly, its shared future – one that still needs to be planned and developed with the people at the centre of it.  In all, the only lake city in the country, with potential to become something beautiful.

The crowd drawing is of people worshipping and singing in a Krishna Mandir by the lake in Rangamati. It gave me some space to think also about culture and religion. The young boy works on cultivating ‘Shutki’ on one of the tiny islands that are stark reminders of what it was before the lake was created, the politics of land here is fascinating – more to follow in the months to come. Despite it all, the few Chakma people we have spoken to, including the nephew of the current King, put the idea of respecting the human being before everything else, even citing the Israel/Palestine case as an example of their situation.  
IMG_0916 IMG_0917 IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923 IMG_0924

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