Day 6: Dhaka drawings

This morning, I was on a rickshaw ride frenzy, and so, inspired enough to attempt to draw them whilst sitting on them. We go on to Tangail in a little while, so it might be my only non-urban scene to draw in Bangladesh. I am concerned about technique and detailing, although these are rough on site drawings, on moving transport, it is giving me some confidence in drawing with pencil and pen. I finished one small A5 book already. The rickshaw is a fantastic mode of transport in Bangladesh but has its own dilemmas too. 

A thought: My fear is when I make the first marks on the paper, as I will to life a blank paper, I am terrified I won’t be able to capture what I see, it almost makes me stop, I sweat a little bit and perhaps the reason why I am not going onto a bigger scale of paper yet – and more importantly, the crowds gather and hover and that provides an interesting experience – how to drown them out.  



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