The beginning, middle and end of a protest, London.

I am spent emotionally after a roller coaster few days. Although there are few more drawings from the protest – these 3 signify something that perhaps worries me a lot personally. That, we go home to a warm bed, a hot shower and good food. Others are not so lucky. How to reconcile with that? How to switch off a part of the brain that tells you how pathetic you are, how useless and futile all this energy and effort maybe. Keep the optimism alive, and hope burning.

The city really is the site of all political activity and will, it is the place where people can gather and demand their rights, whether those that hold the powers listen, is another issue altogether. It is something to witness the streets turn into a haven for protest – it was a peaceful demonstration and one that wants to address injustice against the people of Gaza and Palestine. This is my two cents worth of energy from the protest – drawing from the protest as it was happening. 

The crowd gathers at Whitehall and begins the march towards Israeli embassy. Nelson’s Column and trafalgar loom

5 copy

Walking pass The Ritz, and middle of the journey, the sun begins to shine and people continue on. 

9Outside the Israeli Embassy, on High St Kensington, listening to the numerous speakers and hoping that perhaps, there is hope and the world will listen.

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