A more relevant vernacular

P1320605 copy

As architects grapple with their sense of role in society and the relevance of the profession across the globe… maybe we (I cannot call myself an architect, nor technically, am I a planner!, yet I have an architecture degree and a MSc in urban development planning..) really need to step down onto the ground and acknowledge that others also know what is important.  The others being those who live and have to survive with what resource they have access to and can afford.. SO as people make do + design and make according to their needs – the role of the architect continues to change and also devolve, change towards a more strategic, technological one  and devolve -finally – from being someone who knows all the answers. Maybe Nabeel Hamdi is right – maybe architects and planners really need to re-learn from the streets, if they are to again become the visionaries that can design beautiful, equitable cities and dwellings.

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