The Commodification of Truth

I woke up this morning and began writing, about nothing important, and then my thoughts drifted towards Truth.  The title, the commodification of Truth, since forever now it seems, has been running reign.  Truth can be accessed via religion, Truth can be accessed through meditation, Truth can now also be accessed via the internet and self-help books.

What brings on this little thought?  As I have been on this journey of truth-seeking for the last few years, I look to the people around me that go on their journeys, those that go to Mecca, those that pray in the church, those that attend the mandir and those that, like me, do all and neither.

The idea of pilgrimage to me has always been a calling, but what happens when that calling is embedded within your very psyche from the moment your born.  What if a specific place is given more value and other places less?

In my recent travels and my recent writings, the news depicted to me in the last few days, I can firmly say that the Truth, irrespective of a specific location, exists, and that Truth, does usually far outweigh the monetary value that is attached to committing to a religion.

So how does one become a Truth-seeker? I bought a book and it changed my life is the usual response by many.  For me it was just a series of events, including reading literature that otherwise I wouldnt, conversations with many and none.  Ultimately, this path has its many responsibilities, one of which is being true to yourself.

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