Some thoughts

This blogging thing is still unfamiliar to me, for me the blog is a series of thoughts that I pour myself into, my queries, my doubts.

I share this with the world as a stranger, facebook is not private enough for me, it seems i live two different lives. or three, or four.

Its a weird series of thoughts that allow me to focus on what is important at this moment in time, my own genius.  This does not mean that I am not allowed to make substantial mistakes or allow myself to learn from leading these various lives. However, the living and the doing, in the UK, it seems I am more and more inclined to live more than one type of lifestyle.  It is a given that I am not able to communicate myself with the idea that the main fact remains that I am under an illusion.  the illusion I talk about is simply that – I live more than one life, and this is beginning to hinder my existence a little.  The blogging helps as I can put this out there without hurting anybody or getting any valid response.  Its almost like I am screaming in an empty room.  However, that is a strange thing, because I am not screaming in an empty room, I am emptying my thoughts on the world wide web where potentially a million people can read this. in seconds.  perhaps its the idea that people can read this that excites me more than the fact that I have screamed.

Its a lot of trash talk, but it allows me to keep sane when everything begins to lose balance.

or as reality loses balance.

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