Drooling over Dhaka

Times are a changing, in the fast paced life of a city, people drift and disappear, people gather and disperse, people, inevitably make a city.

The vibrance, the energies, the chaos. Its all part of a global shift of energies to a concentrated hyper-city, dispersing of culture, desimination of ideas, all in one place.

Crowds gather, rickshaws ring, taxis weave in and out and in again, scraping, scratching, falling, screaming. Poetical musings of the everyday.

Desires and thoughts embrace the energies, at the end of the day, exhaustion and fulfilment, Dhaka is all those things and more.

The heat, the rain, the stench, the humidity and the denseness of a city, waiting to be taken apart, waiting to be put together in a place not so far away.  I am hoping, fighting, playing, screaming and waiting. waiting to go back to a city that I love to hate.

The exhibition will span the entirety of my time over there, and perhaps, include fragments of those moments of peace I found, those moments of peace. the places of ADDA as the bengali’s like to call it. the concept, perhaps old as well as new, is taking on the city as we know it. and it is challenging the sterotype of the City.

Having gathered feedback from various friends, colleagues and mentors, I look forward to organising something unique, something majextic in its own right, something that offers an insight into a world that does not exist.

My thoughts are now with family, with the inner tensions of the soul, the balancing act I need to put together in order to become the architect that I am destined to be in the future.  The future is not worth pondering about, but rather, worth fixing and creating. Whatever we desire and need, whatever we want and desire, will be granted, and is always granted, it is the fact that we do not know what we want and desire, the feeling of being lost, allowing the soul to dictate subconsciously the elements of life as we live.

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